Medical Physics Graduate Students

Left to Right:

Back Row: Aaron Purchase, Oleksandr Zelyak, Radim Barta, *Jean-David Jutras, Clara Fallone, Brennen Dobberthien, Brian Morrell, Andrei Ghila, *Shima Yaghoobpour Tari, *Brie Cawston-Grant, and Braden Chow.

Front Row (sitting): Amanda Swan, Simon Ferguson, Hali Morrison, Gawon Han, Hongwei Sun, and Bryson Dietz.

Missing from photo: Cameron Hough, Ray Yang.

*  Note: this student graduated during the 2016/2017 school year.

PhD Students

  • Andrei Ghila
  • Bryson Dietz
  • Brennen Dobberthien
  • Cameron Hough
  • Hali Morrison
  • Hongwei Sun
  • Ray Yang

MSc Students

  • Aaron Purchase
  • Amanda Swan
  • Branden Chow
  • Clara Fallone
  • Gawon Han
  • Oleksandr Zelyak
  • Radim Barta
  • D. Simon Ferguson

Past Graduate Students

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