Medical Physics Faculty

Matthew Larocque

Matthew Larocque, PhD, MCCPM

Assistant Professor, Division of Medical Physics, Department of Oncology, University of Alberta

Medical Physicist, Dept. of Medical Physics, CCI

PhD (Medical Physics: Alberta-2010)

Member: Canadian College of Physicists in Medicine

Clinical and Research Interests

Quantitative Imaging of Tissue Response to Therapy

Use of multiparametric quantitative magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) has shown that MR-sensitive tissue parameters such as ADC and T2 show response to radiotherapy earlier than tumour volume changes. My work aims to characterize these changes in animal models, and find insight into the mechanisms involved.

Episcleral Plaque Brachytherapy

The Alberta Ocular Brachytherapy Program treats patients with uveal melanoma and other select eye cancers by use surgical application of episcleral brachytherapy plaques. Use of asymmetric plaque loadings and placements can be used to minimize dose to ocular structures such as the fovea, papillomacular bundle, and optic disc, ultimately improving visual outcome for patients.

Selected Publications

A.G. Tessier,A. Yahya, M. Larocque, B.G. Fallone, A. Syme,
"Longitudinal Evaluation of the Metabolic Response of a Tumor Xenograft Model to Single Fraction Radiation Therapy Using Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy",
Physics Medicine and Biology, 59(17), pp. 5061-5072(2014),
PubMed Link

M. Larocque, A. Syme, J. Allalunis-Turner, B. G. Fallone,
“ADC response to radiation therapy correlates with induced changes in radiosensitivity,”
Med. Phys. 37, 3855-3861, (2010).

M. Larocque, A. Syme, A. Yahya, K. Wachowicz, J. Allalunis-Turner, B. G. Fallone,
“Monitoring T2 and ADC at 9.4 T following external beam radiation therapy in a mouse model,”
Phys. Med. Biol. 55, 1381-1393, (2010).

M. Larocque, A. Syme, A. Yahya, K. Wachowicz, J. Allalunis-Turner, B. G. Fallone,
“Temporal and dose dependence of T2 and ADC at 9.4 T in a mouse model following single fraction radiation therapy,”
Med. Phys. 36, 2948-2954, (2009).

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