Medical Physics Graduate Program Faculty

Keith Wachowicz

Keith Wachowicz, PhD, FCCPM

Assistant Clinical Professor, Division of Medical Physics,
Department of Oncology, University of Alberta

Medical Physicist, Dept. of Medical Physics, CCI

Member: Canadian College of Physicists in Medicine

Selected Publications

J.Yun, E. Yip, Z. Gabos, K. Wachowicz, S. Rathee, B.G. Fallone,
"Neural-network based autocontouring algorithm for intrafractional lung-tumor tracking using linac-MR",
Medical Physics, 42(5), pp. 2296-2310 (2015).

E. Yip, J. Yun, K. Wachowicz, Z. Gabos, A. Heikal, S. Rathee, B.G. Fallone
"Prior Data Assisted Compressed Sensing: A Novel MR imaging strategy for real time tracking of lung tumors",
Medical Physics: 41 (8), 082301(12 pp), (2014),
Featured in medicalphysicsweb, PubMed Link

K. Wachowicz, T. Stanescu, B.G. Fallone,
"Implications of tissue magnetic susceptibility-related distortion on the rotating magnet in an MR-linac design,"
Medical Physics, 37(4), pp.1714-1721 (2010).

M. Larocque, A. Syme, A.Yahya, K. Wachowicz, J. Allalunis-Turner, B.G. Fallone,
"Temporal and dose dependence of T2 and ADC at 9.4 T in a mouse model following fractionated external beam,"
Phys Med Biol, 55(5), pp. 1381-1391 (2010).

T. Stanescu, H. Jans, K .Wachowicz, B.G. Fallone,
"Investigation of a 3D system distortion correction method for MR images,"
J Appl Clin Med Phys, 11(1), pp. 200-216 (2010).

S D Thomas, K Wachowicz, B G Fallone,
"MRI of prostate brachytherapy seeds at high field: A study in phantom",
Med Phys 36: 5228-5234, 2009.

L N Baldwin, K Wachowicz, B G Fallone,
"A Two-step Scheme for Distortion Rectification of Magnetic Resonance Images",
Med Phys 36: 3917-3926, 2009.
[selected for cover of the Journal].

M Laroque, A Syme, A Yahya, K Wachowicz, J Turner, B G Fallone,
"Temporal and dose dependence of T2 and ADC at 9.4 T in a mouse model following single fraction radiation therapy",
Med Phys 36(7): 2948-54, 2009.

A A Heikal, K Wachowicz, S D Thomas, B G Fallone,
"A phantom to assess the accuracy of tumor delineation using MRSI",
Radiol Oncol 42(4): 232-9, 2008.

L N Baldwin , K Wachowicz, S D Thomas , R Rivest and B G Fallone,
"Towards MR-based Treatment Planning: Characterisation of Geometric Distortion in 3 T MR Images."
Med Phys. 34(2), pp. 388-399 (2007).

K Wachowicz, S Thomas, and B G Fallone, "Quantification of the susceptibility artifact around a prostate brachytherapy seed in MRI."
Med. Phys. 33(12), pp. 4459-4467, 2006

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