Medical Physics Faculty

Hans-Sonke Jans

Hans-Sönke Jans, PhD, MCCPM

Assistant Professor, Division of Medical Physics,
Department of Oncology, University of Alberta

Medical Physicist, Dept. of Medical Physics, CCI

PhD (Physics, University of Heidelberg, Germany, 1993)
MSc (Medical Physics, University of Alberta, 2006)

Member: Canadian College of Physicists in Medicine

Research Interests

Multimodality imaging

MRI (soft tissue contrast) and PET (tissue functional information) image data add significant information to the radiation therapy planning process. My work in this area focuses on the correction (un-distortion) of MR images and in the case of PET on their use for the definition of biological target volumes and patient follow-up.

Quantitative imaging

By acquiring sequential scans, the temporal evolution of a tracer’s distribution can determined. I am interested in applying this multivariate information to quantitative Nuclear Medicine imaging in both, clinical and pre-clinical settings: for the characterization of novel radiotracers by employing tracer kinetic models as a way to interrogate the imaged tissue and measure its response in vivo, as well as radioisotope dosimetry.

Selected Publications

J Amanie, H-S Jans, M Wuest, N Pervez, A Murtha, N Usmani, D Yee, R Pearcey, B Danielson, S Patel, R Macewan, C Field, D Robinson, J Wilson, D Lewis, M Parliament, AJB McEwan,
"Analysis of Intraprostatic Therapeutic Effects in Prostate Cancer Patients using [11C]-Choline PET/CT following External Beam Radiation Therapy",
Current Oncology, 20(2): 104-10, 2013

J Knight, M Wuest, F Saad, D Chapman, H-S Jans, S Lapi, B Kariuki, A Amoroso, F Wuest,
"Synthesis, characterization and evaluation of a novel copper-64 complex with selective uptake in EMT-6 cells under hypoxic conditions",
Dalton Transactions, 42(33), 12005-14, 2013

A Teymurazyan, RS Sloboda, T Riauka, H-S Jans, D Robinson,
"Properties of Noise in Positron Emission Tomography Images Reconstructed with Filtered-Backprojection and Row-Action Maximum Likelihood Algorithm",
Journal of Digital Imaging, 26(3): 447-56, 2013

A Teymurazyan, T Riauka, H-S Jans, D Robinson,
"Single Seed Region Growing Algorithm in Dynamic PET Imaging (SSRG/4D-PET) for Tumor Volume Delineation in Radiotherapy Treatment Planning: Theory and Simulation",
IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science, 59(5): 2020-32, 2012

M Wuest, P Kumar, M Wang, J Yang, H-S Jans, LI Wiebe,
"In Vitro and In Vivo Evaluation of [18F]F-GAZ, a Novel Oxygen-Mimetic Azomycin-Glucose Conjugate, for Imaging Hypoxic Tumor",
Cancer Biotherapy and Radiopharmaceuticals, 27(8): 473-80, 2012

AL Goertzen, Q Bao, M Bergeron, E Blankemeyer, S Blinder, M Cañadas, AF Chatziioannou, K Dinelle, E Elhami, H-S Jans, E Lage, R Lecomte, V Sossi, S Surti, Y-C Tai, JJ Vaquero, E Vicente, DA Williams, R Laforest,
"NEMA NU4-2008 Comparison of Preclinical PET Imaging Systems",
Journal of Nuclear Medicine, 53(8): 1300-9, 2012

M Wuest, BJ Trayner, TN Grant, HS Jans, JR Mercer, D Murray, FG West, AJB McEwan, F Wuest, CI Cheeseman,
"Radiopharmacological evaluation of 6-deoxy-6-[18F]fluoro-D-fructose as a radiotracer for PET imaging of GLUT5 in breast cancer",
Nuclear Medicine and Biology, 38(4): 461-75, 2011

RJ Paproski, M Melinda, HS Jans, K Graham, WP Gati, S McQuarrie, A McEwan, J Mercer, JD Young, CE Cass,
"Biodistribution and Uptake of 3′-Deoxy-3′-Fluorothymidine in Equilibrative Nucleoside Transporter 1 (ENT1) Knockout Mice and in an ENT1 Knockdown Tumor Model",
Journal of Nuclear Medicine, 51(9): 1447-1455, 2010.

T Stanescu, HS Jans, K Wachowicz, BG Fallone,
"Investigation of a 3D system distortion correction method for MR images",
Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics 11(1): 200-216, 2010.

T Stanescu, HS Jans, N Pervez, P Stavrev, BG Fallone,
"A study on the magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)-based radiation treatment planning of intracranial lesions",
Physics in Medicine and Biology 53(13): 3579-3593 JUL 2008.

S Vidakovic, HS Jans, A Alexander, RS Sloboda,
"Post-implant computed tomography-magnetic resonance prostate image registration using feature line parallelization and normalized mutual information",
Journal of Applied Clinical Medical Physics 8 (1): 21-32, 2007.

T Stanescu, HS Jans, P Stavrev, BG Fallone,
"3T MR-based treatment planning for radiotherapy of brain lesions",
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HS Jans, AM Syme, S Rathee, BG Fallone,
"3D interfractional patient position verification using 2D-3D registration of orthogonal images",
Medical Physics 33 (5): 1420-1439 MAY 2006.

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