Medical Physics Faculty

Eugene Yip

Eugene Yip, PhD, MCCPM

Assistant Clinical Professor, Division of Medical Physics, Department of Oncology, University of Alberta

Medical Physicist, Dept. of Medical Physics, CCI

BSc (Honours Biophysics: U. of British Columbia
MSc (Medical Physics: U. of Alberta
PhD (Medical Physics: U. of Alberta)

Member: Canadian College of Physicists in Medicine

Research and Clinical Interests

Clinical Implementation Linac-MR (LMR) hybrid system: the novel 0.5T LMR system developed at the CCI offers excellent soft tissue imaging capability for patient setup and monitoring. I am currently investigating many practical aspects of using this novel device clinically, including commissioning, reference dosimetry, machine and patient specific quality assurance, and treatment planning.

Real-time magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for radiation therapy motion management: The LMR system has the capability of providing real time MR images for monitoring patient’s intrafractional organ motions (e.g. breathing). Real time MRI scans always represent a compromise between speed, image quality and contrast. Novel techniques to improve speed and quality of real time MRI, as well as their optimization and utility for radiation therapy are an ongoing research interest.

Stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) – the delivery of highly conformal, high dose radiation in a small number of fractions for tumour sites in the abdomen (e.g. pancreas) is one of the most technically challenging therapies delivered at the Cross Cancer Institute, due to difficulty in visualization from (kV-based) daily imaging, large organ motion and proximity to organs at risk. This type of therapy is potentially one of the most exciting applications of the LMR system.

Selected Publications

Yip, E, Yun, J, Gabos, Z, Baker, S, Yee, D, Wachowicz, K, Rathee, S and Fallone, BG.
"Evaluating performance of a user-trained MR lung tumor autocontouring algorithm in the context of intra- and interobserver variations."
Medical Physics. doi:10.1002/mp.12687 (2018)

Yip E, Yun J, Wachowicz K, Gabos Z, Rathee S, and Fallone BG.
"Sliding window prior data assisted compressed sensing for MRI tracking of lung tumors."
Medical Physics, 44: 84-98.doi:10.1002/mp.12027 (2017)

Yip E, Yun J, Wachowicz K, Gabos Z., Heikal A, Rathee S, Fallone BG.
"Prior Data Assisted Compressed Sensing: A Novel MR imaging strategy for real time tracking of lung tumors."
Medical Physics: 41(8):082301 (12pp.) (2014)

Yun J, Yip E, Wachowicz K, Rathee S, Fallone BG.
"Evaluation of a Lung Tumor Autocontouring Algorithm for Intrafractional Lung Tumor Tracking Using Low Field MRI."
Medical Physics 39:1481 (2012)

Wright M, Dietz B, Yip E, Yun J, Gabos Z, Fallone BG, Wachowicz K.
"Time Domain Principle Component Analysis for Rapid, Real-Time 2D MRI reconstruction from undersampled data."
Medical Physics 48:6742-6739 (2021)

Beaulieu C, Yip E, Low PB, Madler B, Lebel CA, Siegel L, Mackay AL, Laule C.
"Myelin Water Imaging Demonstrates Lower Brain Myelination in Children and Adolescents with Poor Reading Ability."
Frontiers of Human Neuroscience 14:568395 (2020)

Dietz B, Yun J, Yip E, Gabos Z, Fallone, BG, Wachowicz K.
"Single Patient Neural Networks for Real Time MR Reconstruction: Coherent Low-resolution versus Incoherent Undersampling.
Physics in Medicine and Biology 65:08NT03 (2020)

Dietz B, Yun J, Yip E, Gabos Z, Fallone, BG, Wachowicz K.
"Single Patient Convolution Neural Networks for Real-time MR reconstruction: a proof of concept application in lung tumor segmentation for adaptive radiotherapy.
Physics in Medicine and Biology 64:195002 (2019)

Dietz B, Yip E, Yun J, Fallone BG, Wachowicz K.
"Real-time dynamic image MR reconstruction using comporessed sensing and principal component analysis (CS-PCA): Demonstration in lung tumour tracking."
Medical Physics 44: 3978-3989. doi:10.1002/mp.12354 (2017)

Yun J, Yip E, Gabos Z, Wachowicz K, Rathee S, Fallone BG.
"Improved Lung Tumor Autocontouring For Intrafractional Tumor Tracking Using 0.5 T Linac-MR."
Biomedical Physics & Engineering Express 2(6):067004 (2016)

Wachowicz, K, De Zanche, N, Yip E, Fallone BG.
"CNR considerations for rapid real time MRI tumour tracking radiotherapy hybrid devices: Effiects of Bo field strength."
Medical Physics 43(8):4903-14 (2016)

Yun J, Yip E, Gabos Z, Wachowicz K, Rathee S, Fallone BG.
"Neural-network based autocontouring algorithm for intrafractional lung-tumor tracking using linac-MR,"
Medical Physics 42(5):2296-2310 (2015)

Lang DJ, Yip E, Mackay AL, Thornton AE, Vila-Rodriguez F, MacEwan GW, Kopala LC, Smith GN, Laule C, MacRae CB, Honer WG.
"48 Echo T2 Myelin Imaging of White Matter in First Episode Schizophrenia: Evidence for Aberrant Myelination."
Neuroimage Clin 15(6):408-14 (2014)

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