Medical Physics Faculty

Don Robinson

Don Robinson, PhD, MCCPM

Associate Professor, Division of Medical Physics, Department of Oncology, University of Alberta

Adjunct Professor, Dept. of Physics,

Senior Medical Physicist, Dept. of Medical Physics, CCI

BSc (Physics: Calgary -1978)
MSc (Physics: Alberta -1986)
PhD (Physics: Alberta -1989)

Member: Canadian College of Physicists in Medicine

Research Interests

Multi-modality Image registration and fusion, motion induced image artifacts, intensity modulated radiotherapy, conformal radiotherapy, dosimetry, radiobiological dose response modeling, inverse treatment planning and plan optimization.

Significant advances in imaging and computerized treatment delivery technology have opened up new avenues for the realization of highly conformal dose distributions for cancer treatment. These include the combining of imaging modalities such as PET, MRI, fMRI and CT to produce more accurate treatment volumes and the emerging technique of intensity modulated radiotherapy using dynamic beam delivery techniques with both conventional linear accelerators as well as evolutionary new treatment schemes such as helical tomotherapy. The overriding goal is to permit dose escalation to highly conformal treatment volumes which will maximize local control while at the same time sparing surrounding healthy tissue.

Combining the anatomical and functional information provided by different imaging modalities promises to greatly enhance tumor volume definition allowing for greater accuracy in targeting diseased tissue for treatment. Achieving the degree of data integration required calls for significant efforts both theoretical and practical. This is especially so when nonlinear deformable mapping between divergent image spaces is contemplated.

The complex dose distributions envisioned by both conformal and intensity modulated radiotherapy require advanced methods both for future research and the verification of clinical beam delivery. The temporally modulated nature of some of these fields pose dosimetric difficulties not encountered with time independent fields. Appropriate dosimetry techniques are under investigation.

The objective of radiotherapy is tumor eradication by delivering a lethal dose of radiation to the effected volume while minimizing damage to surrounding healthy tissues. The ultimate success of radiation treatment is dictated by the radiobiological response of the tissues comprising both the target volume and surrounding healthy regions. Theoretical modeling attempts to predict the radiation response of these tissues based on relevant parameters including the distribution of physical dose, treatment modality, cell kinetics and organ structure.

Selected Publications

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A Teymurazyan, RS Sloboda, T Riauka, H-S Jans, D Robinson,
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IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science, Published online ahead of print, August 1, 2012

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