Faculty and Staff

Medical Physics Graduate Program Faculty

Division of Medical Physics

Med. Physics Faculty, Fall 2012

Front Row: Don Robinson, Brent Long, Joel St. Aubin, Lesley Baldwin, Hans-Sönke Jans, Atiyah Yahya, Ben Burke, Gino Fallone, Nicola de Zanche, Heather Warkentin, Matt Larocque, Terence Riauka, Satyapal Rathee, and Geetha Menon.
Back Row: Marc MacKenzie, Keith Wachowicz, Ron Sloboda, Amir Keyvanloo*, Brad Warkentin, Stephen Steciw, and Brad Murray.

*Dr. Keyvanloo is no longer with the University of Alberta

Primary Appointments


  • David Sinn, MSc

Instructors with Appointments in Other Divisions or Departments

  • Christian Beaulieu,, PhD
    Professor, Scientific Director Department of Biomedical Engineering
  • David Murray, PhD
    Professor, Division of Experimental Oncology, Department of Oncology
  • Marilee Stephens, PhD
    Research Associate in the Bennett Lab in the Centre for Neuroscience, Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine
  • Alan Wilman, PhD
    Professor and Associate Chair (Graduate Studies), Department of Biomedical Engineering
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