Cancer Imaging


The Cross Cancer Institute has a dedicated imaging department with a wide range of modalities although a small variety of imaging systems. Resources and equipment present at the Cross Cancer Institute include:

  • Radiography;
    • Toshiba Radrex-i digital system for general radiography
    • Shimadzu Dual energy thoracic system
    • GE AMX-4 mobile radiographic system
    • Fuji CR system with Agfa CR system in Radiation Oncology
  • Floroscopy:
    • Philips Digital R/F system
  • Mammography:
    • (2) Hologic FFDM systems with tomosynthesis and upright biopsy
    • Hologic digital prone biopsy Table (CCD)
    • (3) Hologic SecurView radiologists review workstations
  • Specimen Biopsy:
    • Faxitron cabinet system with digital image receptor
  • Bone Mineral Densitometry (BMD):
    • GE Lunar iDXA; includes bone-density and whole-body-composition
  • Computed Tomography (CT):
    • (2) Toshiba MDCT systems
    • (3) hybrid systems attached to PET/SPECT systems within Cancer Imaging department
    • (2) Philips Big Bore systems in Radiation Oncology used for radiation therapy treatment planning
    • (2) cone-beam-computed-tomography (CBCT) systems used for animal research elsewhere in the Cross Cancer
  • Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI):
    • Siemens 1.5T system
    • also Philips 3T and 9.4T research systems in the CBIAR facility at the Cross Cancer
  • Ultrasound (US):
    • 4 systems, including one for prostate implant program
  • Other Imaging Systems:
    • 9 Varian OBI or TrueBeam systems in Radiation Oncology with rad/fluoro/Cone Beam CT capabilities used for RT image guidance
    • 2 PACS systems and a RIS system with onsite administrative support
    • film printing and digitization capability

Educational opportunities for residents and graduate students to familiarize themselves with a broader spectrum of equipment are available at associated facilities which include:

  • Walter MacKenzie, University Hospital:
    • CT,
    • Dental,
    • Fluoro,
    • MRI,
    • Nuclear medicine,
    • PET,
    • Radiography,
    • Ultrasound
  • Walter Mackenzie, Mazankowski Heart Institute:
    • Angio, Cardiac
  • Walter MacKenzie, Stollery Childrens Hopsital:
    • Pediatric
  • Screen Test (Breast Screening):
    • Mammography including mobile

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