Oncological Imaging


For diagnostic radiology, the facility includes:

  • Fluoroscopic Units: one special procedures unit, two simulators, and a conventional tomographic unit;
  • three mammography units including one digital biopsy (plus six more including four mobile units in the provincial screening program);
  • Mobile Units: two radiographic units, one fluoroscopic unit, and four mammo units in the screening program
  • Dental: two intra-oral
  • Stereotactic Biopsy: one prone mammo table digital image receptor
  • Specimen Biopsy: one Faxitron with digital image receptor
  • Digital equipment: three units including one CR and two CCD plus film digitization capability
  • CT: three units including one CT-sim and one PET-CT , CT -Fluoro: one unit
  • 1.5T MRI system
  • Ultrasound: 4 units, including one for prostate implant program
  • A fully functional PACS system with PACS administrators

For nuclear medicine, the facility includes:

  • eight Isotrak DoseGUARD Plus personal dosimeters
  • one Capintec ISO Uptake Probe with EG&G ORTEC Maestro Workstation and Software
  • Capintec High Energy Dose Calibrators in Hot Labs
  • one Capintec High Energy Dose Calibrator in a Commecer HotCell
  • two Philips Axis Dual Headed Gamma Cameras with Odyssey LX Workstations –
  • one Philips Argus Single Head Gamma Camera with Argus Workstation
  • one Philips CT-Pet Plus PET camera with PETView Workstation
  • one Philips Allegro PET camera with PETView Workstation
  • one Philips Gemini PET/CT Hybrid Camera with PETView Workstation
  • one Concorde micro-PET small animal PET camera

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